Fall 2019 Program

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Accelerator Fall 2019:

Digital Health

Application deadline: August 20

Program dates: September 9- November 1

Program overview

Over the past few years, medical establishments such as CMS and FDA have been paving the way for adoption and inclusion of digital health innovation categories including telehealth, digital software applications as a medical device category, and remote patient monitoring. Expensive EHR integrations that would have taken more than a year can now be streamlined seamlessly into hospital systems within several months or days.

Value based healthcare that improves patient conditions remotely, reduces ambulatory incidents, improves doctor patient communication, and provides patients with an opportunity to monitor their health while reducing hospital costs is the future of Healthcare. Furthermore, such healthcare enables healthcare providers to gain valuable data into larger patient populations.

Value driven healthcare is beyond a cost benefit analysis and takes into account the future of relationships between patients and their physicians.

We are looking for startups that create value driven healthcare of the future.

During the program, these startups will be introduced to departments of innovation and corporate development of leading medical corporations and medical institutions to meet and discuss the possibility to partner and launch POCs.

Program: 8 weeks

Part 1

Sessions that cover:
HIPAA compliance and security
Medicare reimbursement
FDA regulations
Licensing agreements
EHR integration and software infrastructure best practices

Part 2

Meetings with innovation departments and corp dev representatives of leading medical institutions and corporations.


Startups can range from pre-seed to series B
Startups must have well built product that is ready for deployment and POCs.
Team can spend time in the U.S to launch pilots and partnerships during and post program.

No Equity taken
Office Space provided
Service Provider Perks
Additional office hours by Jemm Ventures team
Program participation fee

Application Process

After receiving your application, we will review it and may schedule a series of interviews via Skype or in person.

If we decide to accept your startup into the program, your team will have several days to make a decision.

Once we reach our cohort quota, no additional startups will be accepted into the program.