JVT Preselection Process

What We are Looking For:


1. Steady Revenue and growth but not scaling fast enough. 

2. Bet. Seed and Series A; Previously raised $150k-1m or steady revenue ($40-300k ARR)

3. Product ready for use by development or construction companies

4. U.S Delaware corporation and relocate/be based in the U.S. 


1. Good team composition, diverse and complimentary skills, good execution, work well together. 

2, 2-4 founders. Serial entrepreneurs preferred. Sales and one person with technical talent must be in the program.

3. Plan to relocate to the US or be based in the U.S.

4. Must have good expertise in chosen market.

5. Mature and positive attitude and can take feedback

6. Ability to grow fast/iterate with little resources


1. Huge potential market

2. Proprietary technology that is fundamentally disruptive