Portfolio Highlights

In 2013, we started investing in our first group of startups. Since then, we invested our time and money in more than 30 startups.

Our portfolio companies are now scaling and disrupting traditional industries with cutting edge technologies that use Artificial Intelligence, cryptocurrency, and Blockchain.



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Intercoin enables fintech innovation on the local community level

Just as the Internet is a global network that connects local networks, Intercoin is a global currency platform that enables communities around the world to issue and manage their own currency, to circulate among their local population. 



Building a trust provisioning network

Starting with KYC on blockchain, Tradle is building a global trust provisioning network to give retail, wealth, SME and institutional customers of financial institutions faster access to capital and risk allocation.





Disrupting Corporate Gifting

Snappy is a new incentive program that makes employees actually feel appreciated and gets them excited about work.  Snappy sources the best products and experiences from leading brands and retailers such as Amazon, Bestbuy, Birchbox, and Cloud9Living offering each recipient a personalized collection of up to date and top rated gifts to choose from.