We bring deep knowledge and expertise managing, scaling, and operating startups. Our co-founders Jenny Belotserkovsky and Michal Tavrovsky started working with startups since 2009. They mentored and accelerated successful companies including HomeRoots, Virool, Snappy, Getgoing, Wiser, Cater2me, Signifyd, Sense.ly, Pantry (acquired ByteFoods), SalesPredict (acquired by SalesForce), WebDAM (acquired by Shutterstock) among others.

Startup work included running 8 startup accelerator programs in Silicon Valley and New York, building mentor programs and technical sessions, organizing large scale pitch events, and advising and mentoring U.S. and International startups.

You can see what we built herehere, and here.

Our Founders

Michal Tavrovsky

Michal is a Managing Director at Jemm Ventures. She brings over 15 years of operations, marketing, and management experience to Jemm Ventures, 10 of which was devoted to startup growth and acceleration across several prominent startup organizations, JFE Network and Jemm Ventures Accelerator, that she founded and launched. Linkedin

Jenny Belotserkovsky

Jenny started her career in Finance which transitioned into the startup world in 2008. She enjoys the fast paced cadence of startup growth where she helped over 100 startups launch, scale, and navigate in their respective market. Together with Michal, Jenny helped launch JFE Network and Jemm Ventures Accelerator. Linkedin