Over the last 8 years of working with 120+ startups, most  of whom were Israeli, we continuously honed down on what is our biggest value driver to companies.

From 2013- 2017, we accelerated startups under JFE Accelerator (2013-15) and Jemm Ventures Accelerator (2016-17). We worked with startups on just about everything- from scrum, product, design, sales, communication, pr, intellectual property, to term sheets, growth, financials, not to mention numerous investor and entrepreneur guest sessions and stories. At Jemm Ventures' Winter '17 cohort alone, we hosted over 50 guest speaker and mentor sessions.

We have come to realize that the ultimate bottom line is scalable, exponential, revenue growth.

It creates independence from relying on fundraising and curbs dilution. It gives a company freedom to explore growth strategies and large exit opportunities.  

At Jemm Ventures, we focus on revenue growth and low burn rate. 

Our startup preselection advisory team consists of experienced technology leaders and investment partners at Sequoia Capital, Accel Partners, August Capital, and Bee Partners.

We also work with strategic partners that can offer liquidity through IPOs or M&A.