Jemm Ventures is a startup innovation hub and business development accelerator focused on Healthcare Innovation

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Jemm Ventures connects innovative healthcare startups with medical and healthcare industry leaders to create new partnerships and market opportunities for both.

Business Development Accelerator Programs run in New York City and San Francisco.

Upcoming program launches on September 9, 2019

We work with digital health and healthcare startups that are ready to deploy their product, have scalable infrastructure to handle large volumes of data, and are market ready to launch pilots and partnerships.

Focused on the following segments:

Our business development accelerator
augments corporate innovation for established healthcare industry leaders
and establishes strong venture partnerships with venture capital investors in our network.

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Over the last 10 years, Jemm Ventures founders have built a 10k startup, corporate, venture and innovation network across San Francisco Bay Area and New York City across different sectors. Our management team spans 16 years of startup work, has previously operated 8 startup accelerator programs, and worked with over 130+ startups who collectively raised over $125m. Now, they are bringing together their resources to accelerate innovation delivery within the healthcare industry.