We are the pioneers of a new startup culture.


We work at the intersection of culture and operational efficiency 


People + Operations = Success



We help startups to optimize their operations

We simultaneously strategize, coach, optimize.

The era of unstructured startup growth is over. The new epoch demands a new structure. We are here to help your company to embrace it. 

We have over 10 years experience of managing startup accelerator programs and over 16 years of working with startups.

We bring a team of 15 phenomenal, highly knowledgable startup experts with years of startup experience in Silicon Valley and across the U.S. to create and implement efficient and powerful strategies that startups can execute right away.

We work with B2B and D2C companies, venture-backed or bootstrapped.

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“We came to Jenny and Michal at JFE accelerator with just an idea and a presentation. In 3 months we managed to build up the founding team, build a demo, and even make our first sales. The strong ability of Jenny and Michal to work with startups on helping them to set and achieve their goals, their advice, and vision played a tremendous part in the success of our company.”Hani Goldstein, Founder and CEO, Snappy

“When I first came to Jenny and Michal at JFE I was under the impression that I’m all set for success and that we are ready to launch. It’s only after the mentoring from Jenny and Michal that I’ve learned how far we were from it, at that time. Through their mentoring and their connections, we have improved tremendously on all aspects of our startup. We covered all the areas from UX/UI on to business development, technology, sales and fund raising.

I’m thankful that I came to know JFE as I could have not made it through without their mentoring and support. Their advises to me were always fruitful and we keep a close touch all the time.”
Gil Bar-Lev, Founder and CEO, HomeRoots

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